Hot potato, hot potato…

If you know the rest of the words to that song (“cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti, mash banana, mash banana”) then you’ll appreciate this article at Newsweek on The Wiggles.

My wife and I took our two sons to a concert last fall in Chicago, and it was surprisingly fun. The kids (well, the two year-old, at least) had a blast. The guys give a good show, and sprinkle enough “adult” humor in to keep the parents entertained.

Now, for the thread that’s relevant to this blog: I find it terribly interesting that a group who’s done a major deal with Disney insists on owning their own material. Check this out:

“We’ve read many books about entertainers who don’t own what they have created,” says Field. “It is scandalous. It’s like a real-estate agency calling and saying that they actually own the house they are selling for you.”


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