Gov. Dean at the DNC Winter Meeting

Gov. Dean was the last presenter among four candidates (Lieberman, Gephardt, and Moseley-Braun were the others) at Day 1 of the DNC Winter Meeting. (Go to the video page for the link to C-Span.) In an article in today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch titled “Dean scores a homerun“, former Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson is quoted as saying:

“Howard Dean ruled the roost with the gutsiness of his remarks and his speaking truth to power. … People are dying for leadership that’s forthright, experienced and courageous.”

Watching the speech, I’m struck again by what a breath of fresh air Gov. Dean is. Committed, passionate, ethical – it all comes through. And as I’ve said before, the slight lack of polish (he stumbles over a few words every once in a while) adds a touch of sincerity to the presentation. The crowd responded well to his speech, and he struck a chord with what are now familiar themes of his campaign: race, healthcare, fiscal policy.

And the use of Junkie XL’s Elvis remix “A Little Less Conversation” was an interesting pick as background music to Dean’s intro and wrap-up. (I’m still partial to Al Gore’s use of “Let the Day Begin” by The Call, but then I honestly believe that The Call is the best band you never heard of…)

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