Deborah McMurray on Brobeck

Run, don’t walk, and visit this post by Deborah McMurray about the lessons not to learn from Brobeck’s demise. Deborah is one of my co-authors (for The Lawyers Guide to Marketing on The Internet, the book whose blog she posted this to), and I think her post is one of the most cogent to come out of the entire Brobeck fiasco.

What she’s really talking about is growth strategy, and how Brobeck isn’t the poster child that many commentators want to make it. There are firms who are succeeding today in spite of an awful economy – and there are Silicon Valley firms who are still with us, in spite of the same conditions that befell Brobeck. Brobeck will occupy it’s own chapter in the book about the boom years of the 90s – and Deborah is right to caution too many conclusions being drawn from its dissolution.

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