Right back at ya, babe…

Chicago, x2. The movie Chicago not only offers superb dance, music and acting, but the story deliciously assaults courtroom acrobatics and media manipulation. DO check it out.Not speaking of which, Chicago blawger extraordinaire Rick Klau spoke today at the Marketing Partner Forum (on the subject of knowledge managment in law firms), and impressed and entertained me no end last night at the Salt Creek Grille. [Bag and Baggage]

Well, the pleasure was definitely all mine. Denise is a delight to spend time with – and I’m almost embarassed that it didn’t occur to me to let her know I was coming to town until I got here. We had a great meal, and spent much of the evening sharing stories about how our blogs had produced many unexpected surprises and gifts over the past year.

Next week I’ll be speaking at LegalTech New York, where I’m getting together with Joy (congrats on the move, Joy!) (and Chris too? I know he doesn’t “do” these shows, but maybe he’d make an exception…), and two weeks later I’m having beers with Matt Mower in London. Anyone else in NYC next week want to get together for beers? How about London the week of February 10?

Who said the Internet was impersonal? I’m meeting cooler people and developing stronger friendships – all thanks to a simple piece of software. You just can’t beat that with a hammer. (That sounds better with a thick Irish brogue, by the way – but you’ll have to take my word for it.)

By the way, Denise mentioned that I spoke today at the Marketing Partner Forum. I’ve got a ton of notes that I’ll post here later tonight on the conference – definitely some interesting indicators for the legal profession.

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