Look out world, Ernie’s out testing software. Sounds like NewzCrawler deserves a look:

News Aggregating – a call for input – okay I’ve played with NewzCrawler enough to know that this is a much more flexible tool for reading blogs and gathering news.  First, as I said it allows me to have a folder organized with my legal blog feeds, which I can order however I choose.  It also allows organization of websites, which is useful for keeping abreast of Glenn Reynolds new site on MSNBC because it is not an RSS feed.  I’ll add more to this post later, but I want to know from the legal bloggers which news aggregator, if any, they are using.  If you’re not using one then I recommend you try out NewzCrawler.  It’s free (with annoyances) and then it’s $24 if you want to buy it. [Ernie the Attorney]

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