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I wrote the other day about getting involved in the Dean Campaign. After watching his speech last weekend in Iowa (I caught the archived version on the web at, I’m even more convinced that he’s the only candidate who’s saying what needs to be said.

But I also recognize that most of the people who swing by this blog are reading the tech posts, the stuff about the legal profession, business strategy issues, and related topics. I decided to start a blog dedicated to Howard Dean, where I can write about the campaign, archive articles about him, etc.

The blog is located here; I’ve put a copy there of the e-mail I sent out to a number of friends requesting their support. I’ve also started an archive of articles about Dean as a candidate; I will add to it as new articles come out. (Judging by the recent press, this will take some effort!) The site has an RSS feed you can subscribe to; Radio users can just click here.

I remain interested in hearing from you if you want to get involved.

Now back to our regularly-scheduled programming…

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