Howard Dean – Not Nuancing

Added a link in the Press Page to the upcoming Newsweek article by George F. Will about Governor Dean. Overall, Will doesn’t cover new ground but does identify some rough edges in Dean’s positions – specifically, Dean’s “rhetorical retreats” on the Bush Administration/Taliban remark, and the is-it-five-justices-or-three that are “too far to the right”. (And what’s with Will’s alliteration? “Rhetorical retreats”? “Penchant for pungent phrases”? At least it’s not “nattering nabobs of negativity“…)

It’s interesting to note that Will doesn’t really paint Governor Dean into the “ultra-liberal” corner that seems popular lately; instead, he simply points out that Dean’s biggest obstacle will be overcoming the “compressed schedule of Democratic nominating events.” He’s got a point.

I’m glad to see Will treat Dean as both a credible candidate and one with some staying power.

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