Fineman on Dean:

Howard Fineman comments on Governor Dean’s appearance at the NARAL dinner this week:

I came away from the annual National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League dinner here the other night with one conclusion: Howard Dean is going to be a player.

Overall, Fineman gives Dean little chance of winning but does admire that he’s true to his ideals, articulate, and passionate. Fineman raises an interesting twist – having Dean in the race may be a boost to Kerry, who can play off Dean’s more-liberal leanings to differentiate himself as a more moderate (i.e., “electable”) Democrat.

Then again, if you can position Kerry’s centrist leanings as too Bush-like, he doesn’t look all that attractive to the party base. The early primaries will reward the more liberal, energetic candidates. If Kerry stumbles early, he may have a hard time recovering.

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