So You Want to Marry My Daughter?

In the “aren’t you glad this isn’t your mother in law” category, check out “Curious Mom Faces Credit Report Trial“ at

A Minnesota mother, a private investigation firm and a collection agency may have gone too far in performing a background check on the woman’s prospective son-in-law when they obtained a report on his credit card account and child-support obligations.

You can read the full article for the punch line…

Reminds me of my property class when my property professor, eager to get us to think in analogies, asked us to come up with an analogy for an engagement ring. (The issue: is an engagement ring a gift or a promise?) When called on, one of my buddies didn’t skip a beat:

Prof. Berryhill: “How would you characterize an engagement ring?”
Student: “Like a test drive?”

It took us a good five minutes to stop laughing. (And no, he didn’t get too many dates that year.)

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