Blogspot RSS

UPDATE: (10:05pm CST) Not that it much matters, but the directory of RSS files at Blogspot sites is back up. Go to where blogname is the name of whatever blog you visit. Using the URL below ( produces an apparent list of all BlogSpot RSS feeds. (And for those that asked: this isn’t a good or bad thing – just an observation. In many ways, it’s kind of nice to have an arbitrary collection of feeds to look at. There’s no security violation per se – it’s just an interesting undocumented feature (bug?) in the way BlogSpot is set up.)

UPDATE: (4:25pm CST) Dave Winer picked up on this post, and it looks like the folks at BlogSpot have redirected any directory browsing of the /rss directories back to a sign-up page for BlogSpot.

Anyone else noticed that if you want to see what RSS feeds are available at BlogSpot, you just add /rss to any blogspot hosted site? For example, I was at Howard Bashman’s site today, and the path to his XML feed is: xml

But if you remove the filename appellateblog.xml and just go to http:// , you get a complete list of all RSS feeds at BlogSpot hosted sites.