An Informed Electorate

From Jennifer Klyse, exactly the kind of project that would generate a tremendous amount of attention and awareness of how weblog technology can produce tangible benefits:

What I’ve been working on when I haven’t been at work..

I had an idea for a newsfeed. Since I’ve become completely hooked on my aggregator in Radio, I find myself frustrated with any news that I cannot have delivered to me once an hour at my desk. Information about the activities of my Congressional Representative and Senators was at the top of this list, so I went looking for that elusive little “XML” button on their sites, on a variety of congressional information sites, on Google…I couldn’t find what I wanted.
Now, in my brain, I have it mapped out. To be an informed citizen, part of an Informed Electorate, I need to know what the elected officials who represent me are doing. And this is how I’d like it to work. Please, if you read it…let me know what you think. []

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