Weblogs and Leaky Pipes

Ross Mayfield writes:

1) The time cost of email is driving adoption of other modes of communication like blogs and online communities like Ryze.

2) Blogging is at the early adopter phase.  Today the majority of users are programmers or writers. For blogging to cross the proverbial chasm, the whole product needs to support the needs of business users with leaky pipes in information management. 

The great thing is that some customers realize they can both fix the pipe and scale plumbing expertise. [Ross Mayfield’s Weblog]

Ross identifies a couple of big issues that persist in the weblogging-as-KM arena. One is that the market is ripe for a solution – e-mail is creating far too much noise. But the second point – that blogging is really geared to writers – is one that needs work. I’ll be posting my own observations as we just wrapped up a month piloting an internal weblog project at my comany, but I think the hammer-in-search-of-a-nail problem is real with respect to weblogs.

It’s also nice to see Ross adopt the “leaky pipes” mantra from Geoffrey Moore (at least that’s where I got it from!). The leaks are real. Weblogs may be an answer, but they need to more specifically address those leaks rather than take a more generic “we’ll make things better” approach.

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