Tales from the Travel Trenches

Nothing like flying 4000 miles, arriving late and having to go directly to your day-long meeting without so much as a swing by the hotel to take a shower!

We were almost two hours late leaving O’Hare last night, arrived close to an hour late in London. Then the fun started – Heathrow Express took three times as long to get to downtown, then it was another twenty minutes to find a cab.

With all of that, I was only five minutes late to the meeting.

Did I mention the meeting was 8 1/2 hours long?

By the way – on the plane with me in business class were Paul Rodriguez, who is heading to Afghanistan to entertain the troops as part of a USO Tour. And just realized after following that USO link that the guy sitting next to me was Neal McCoy. I’d never heard of him, but I kind of like his music after swinging by his web site. Cool!

(Wayne Newton was nowhere to be found.)

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