Random Yahoo! Link

This is still one of my favorite Yahoo! features:

Random Yahoo! Link

Warning: it’s addictive!

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  1. Hi,Do you know what happened to RandomYahoo? The problem started few months ago: The Random Yahoo address I use (http://random.yahoo.com/bin/ryl/) does not forward me to any site but only gives me the address of the site I should have been forwarded to. It looks like that:Status: 301 Location: http://www.envacs.com/ Status: 301 Location: http://toyotaparts.cc At first I thought this is a temporary problem, but it hasn't changed since then. I couldn't find anything about it in Yahoo's help or services' explanations. Do you think the problem might be in my browser's settings?Thanks in advance,Liron Dorfmanldorfman@mail.com

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