Marketing Message Disasters

Great article from about the dangers of poorly thought out marketing campaigns:

Surely marketing message disasters happen only to sad little mom and pops run by two guys and a German Shepherd selling plastic garden furniture to consumers living inside the Arctic Circle?

Afraid not, folks. It can happen to anyone. Even you.

Across all the industrialized markets, millions are wasted every year on business communication that doesn’t work because the basic message and the thinking behind it is flat-out wrong.

The reality is that many firms will gladly pay money for the communication, but pay little to nothing for the thought behind it. This is the “hire your son-in-law to do the web site” mentality. Surely it can’t be hard?

Just like practicing law isn’t easy, marketing a professional services firm isn’t easy. Spending time strategizing about the goals, the possible audiences, the medium in which the message should be communicated – these are all critical pieces of the puzzle.

Applied to Internet marketing, make sure you give some thought to who you’re trying to reach and how they want to be reached. The Net may or may not be the right answer – but if you don’t stop and think about it, you’ll likely end up somewhere you didn’t anticipate.

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