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A good collection of articles (including one by yours truly) over at on the rising profile of blogs in the legal profession. However, I think the article about Denise’s site misses the point. The goal isn’t to sell legal services at “Bag & Baggage“ any more than the goal of my site is to sell CRM software.

The goal is to network. Find people with common interests. Make sure they know about you. Spread information. When the dust settles, important connections are made. Once that happens, business will develop. (I wrote about this in July: Blogs and Business Relationships .)

A few weeks ago on West Wing, Josh and Toby had a bet: the loser had to identify themselves by name to anyone they met, followed by “and I work at the White House.” At one point, a high school student who was driving them around Iowa confided in Toby: “Sometimes it’s better if people find out on their own, instead of you telling them.” If the blog were specifically meant to sell something, visitors would see that and be turned off.

I read John Robb’s site. While he’s the President of Userland, he’s not using his blog to shill day after day for Userland. But because I’ve grown to respect his opinion, appreciate his insight and challenge some of his comments, I’m far more likely to listen to him when it comes time to do business. (Indeed, I’m in the midst of a pilot here at our company – with John’s software – largely as a result of a series of off-line conversations that we’ve had.) Ditto for Ernie, Denise, Howard, and others in the legal profession.

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