Largest Internet Acquisitions?

A buddy sent me an e-mail asking for the largest Internet acquisitions. Here are the ones we’ve got so far. Please let me know which I’m missing:

  • Verisign buys Network Solutions for $21b

  • Terra buys Lycos for $12.5b

  • @Home buys Excite for $6.7b

  • NTT buys Verio for $6b

  • Yahoo buys for $5.7b

  • Yahoo buys GeoCities for $3.5b + $1b options

  • MFS buys UUNet for $2.2b

  • E-Trade buys Telebank for $1.8b

  • eBay buys PayPal for $1.5b

  • Ameritrade buys Datek for $1.29b

I’m sure there are others. Trying to find the pure-play acquisitions.

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