For Whom the Bell Tolls

From my buddy Josh Marshall: “Well, that really could have gone better.”

Josh, who’s the most connected Democrat I know (granted, that’s not necessarily saying much, but in this case I think it’s legit), reinforces the point I made last night:

The Democrats have lots of long-term political and demographic trends in their favor. But they don’t really have a politics, a vision, or a message — or perhaps, better to say, the courage and imagination to get behind one. And I suspect that that is the underlying issue.

The reaction among professional Democrats is one of profound shock. And a lot of heads are going to roll over this. Starting at the DNC, moving on to the leadership on the Hill, and likely spreading out from there. [emphasis mine]

Other than McAuliffe losing his job at the DNC (speculation on my part), will Daschle resign à la Gingrich? Will Gore try to be relevant after this election?

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