Piloting a K-Log

We’re kicking off a k-log initiative at my company tomorrow. I’ve identified a dozen people to serve as guinea pigs. IT installs the software tomorrow, and they’ll take a few days to get familiar with the software. Rather than bombard them with any formal training right away, I want them to be comfortable with what’s on the screen – at least that way they’ll figure out what questions they want to ask.

Week of the 14th, I’m going to meet one-on-one with each of the people to help them get over the basics, explain the aggregator and the concept of RSS subscriptions, and identify any challenges they’ve faced.

The following two weeks will have small group meetings. I’ll be subscribed to each person’s site, so there will also be periodic e-mail follow-up to find out if things are working well. We’ll make a go/no-go decision the first week of November – at that point, we should know whether the “average” user is comfortable with the interface, if they see value from being able to monitor what their co-workers are doing, etc.

So far, people seem cautiously optimistic about the concept. We’re great at using our own product for CRM – but we haven’t committed enterprise wide to doing anything like this other than CRM. Wish us luck!

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