Successful Branding

Courtesy of POELog: What Becomes A Brand Most? – This sort of ties together 3 of my more recent posts.

In branding, advertising it not the most important element; consistency is. Consistency is eminently more important than advertising when it comes to branding. “Consistency in what?” you ask. Consistency of message, of product or service, of delivery, and of experience. These are vital elements of successful branding. Without this consistency, the brand is doomed to fail.

If you read my post on the Internet and branding (two down) … you’ll see that the author of this article and I are on the exact same page (of course, she’s a little more eloquent than me).

Brands that want to last need to focus less on advertising, less on creating “noise,” and more on things that matter—offering value to the customer, effective merchandizing, filling a niche in the market, product innovation, doing it better than the next guy, and internal branding.

Now … that’s someone that understands branding.

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