Blog meetings continue

Out of disappointment, an opportunity: Terry Frasier, owner of the blog formerly known as “Blunt Force Trauma”, was going to be in Chicago this week. We were trying to find a way to hook up, but it turned out I had to be in London a day earlier and I cancelled. (Turns out that was OK – Terry ended up having to cancel his trip too.)

Thanks to the fact that I’m in London early, I’ve spent the day knocking around town being a tourist – something I haven’t done in my 8 previous trips to the city. And tonight I get to meet Matt Mower, the guy who runs Novissio and who created the ridiculously useful tool liveTopics. I’m sure both of us will report back on our impressions…

John Robb thanks Userland’s customers today, and indicates that great things are to come. John – you’re welcome. But great things are already here – my blog continues to introduce me (both virtually and face-to-face) to people who are smarter than me and interested in many of the same things I am. So in the spirit of John’s thanks, let me thank John, Ernie, Dave, Denise, Chris, Joy, Matt, Terry, Jim, Jenny, and the many others whose blogs I read on a daily basis. Our world is a smaller place because of your contributions – and we’re all the better for it. (And thanks in advance for the beers that Matt and I will no doubt enjoy tonight!)

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