A Baseball Fan in London?!

Here’s a cultural by-product that might not have been anticipated (by me, anyway): As console games (in this case, Nintendo 64) proliferate internationally, games for those consoles evanagelize sports that otherwise don’t get any attention. Case in point? Matt Mower, a British citizen, was wearing a San Francisco Giants baseball hat so I’d recognize him when I walked into The Chandos pub next to Trafalgar Square last night.

Turns out that his roommate had N64, bought one of the baseball games, and he and his roommates learned how to play baseball. And because N64 makes you pick a team, and because Matt has always wanted to live in San Francisco, Matt is now a SF Giants fan.


As expected, beers with Matt was a delight. He’s a really sharp guy, who is passionate about the opportunity for blogs to play a part in the larger enterprise. He’s to be commended for striking out on his own, building products that significantly extend the blog paradigm, and for being so eager to experiment with new ideas.

I trust that this is the first of many beer sessions. (And maybe when the Giants play the Cubs next year he can come see Wrigley Field in Chicago…)

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