SpamCop on the Beat

Thanks to Genie Tyburski and Mike Masnick for their recommendation of SpamCop to address my dislike of spam. It costs $30/year, and I signed up this afternoon. Here’s what I did:

  • Configured my e-mail address to point to my SpamCop address.

  • SpamCop queues up any likely spam and places it into a “hold” folder

  • Configured my mail client to download mail from my SpamCop address

Advantages to this approach:

  • SpamCop filters spam before it ever hits my mail client.

  • SpamCop gives me the ability to see what has been filtered, just in case it catches e-mails that aren’t actually spam.

  • I don’t change my interface – I still use the same e-mail program.

  • E-mail from me still shows up as from my e-mail address.

This is a very transparent solution, and so far I’m impressed. I set it up four hours ago, and it’s already caught a dozen messages that were in fact spam. So far, so good.

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