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Radio users only:

Just created a Radio outline called radio_navlinks.opml. The idea was to take all of the desktop Radio functions and put them into one outline. I then used the activeRoll macro by Marc Barrot (it’s part of his activeRenderer suite) to put the outline in my desktop website template. The result? All Radio navigation options are available on my desktop website home page. I no longer have to navigate to two, three or four pages before getting to the one item I want.

If you want to do this, there’s a couple steps:

  • Save radio_navlinks.opml in your gems folder.
  • Add <activeRoll ( “file:///C:/Program Files/Radio Userland/www/gems/radio_navlinks.opml” )> to your #desktopWebsiteTemplate.txt file wherever you want the navlinks to show up (I added them to my top-left corner).
  • Make sure is included in the head section of your #desktopWebsiteTemplate. txt file.

Please note: if you use this format, then you will always have the navlinks displayed whenever you load the desktop website. The downside: if Userland updates the navigation options, then you won’t have those new menu items included in the navlinks outline. You can always point the activeRoll macro to the file that lives at my site – but if you’re working offline you won’t see the outline. Your call which makes more sense.

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