Multi-author weblogs and author names

I’m maintaining a new multi-author weblog, and saw this nifty macro that Userland posted here. It takes the title of the RSS feed and passes that through as a value that you can use in the itemTemplate. The end result is that when it takes Bob Smith’s post, you can have it say “Bob Smith” in the post in the multi-author weblog.

So far, so good. Except that my contributors are using Radio categories to route posts to the multi-author weblog. And Radio wants to create category names that include the author name and the category name. The result? The value that the Radio macro identified above uses is “Bob Smith: Category Name”.

I know there’s a way to strip strings in Radio, but the only references I’ve seen are to use Radio’s string. firstSentence.

What I really want to do is take the string, strip everything after the colon, and use the edited text as the author name. Any ideas?

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