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Find Sales Leads and Other Prospect Lists. This response to a question from a site visitor appears in our How To … Do It with Research! section. We answer this question: Regarding research on specific industries, where can you find a listing of companies within a specific SIC/NAICS code that is either free or inexpensive? Also, where can you find detailed information (Sales, # of employees, etc) for private companies that is free or inexpensive? [The Virtual Chase]

The one recommendation TVC provides is to ZapData, which turns out to be a branded offering of data giant Dun & Bradstreet. In a prior job, I subscribed to iMarket‘s MarketPlace product – also a D&B product. Turns out that ZapData is just the web version of iMarket – one’s a desktop product and one’s a web product. Odd that they’d each have a separate brand – if the data’s the same and only the deliver mechanism changes, why bother investing in developing two distinct brands?

Anyway, if you’re looking for non-D&B data, here are some other outlets for marketing and sales info:

Lest anyone think that any of this kind of data that’s “free” is worth anything, I’ll quote from TVC:

Information is not necessarily free. When it accurately, and in a timely fashion, adds to what you know, it has value. The sooner you accept the fact that such information incurs a charge, the sooner you can get on with your research and obtain an answer.

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