JOHO on Peters

Tom Peters and Branding. I got to go be in the live audience yesterday of a Tom Peters webinar where for an hour he railed, riffed on great quotes, told stories, and test-i- fied. Hell of a performance. While the rest of us are nattering among ourselves, Tom is out making converts among the heathen. [JOHO the Blog]

Guess I’m not the only one sitting in on webinars this week… maybe I need to reconsider my opinion of Peters. I find it hard to read his books (I bought the Professional Service Firm 50 recently, and it looked like a layout that Wired would’ve turned down – too many colors, too many fonts, too much YELLING), and his PowerPoint slides to be indecipherable.

On the other hand, David’s assessment of the presentation this week sounds good. I’ll have to check it out.

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