Hildebrandt: Relationship Intelligence for Law Firms

Joy beats me to the punch: Today, Hildebrandt’s TechGroup and my company (Interface Software) published a white paper about the importance of Relationship Intelligence in law firms. Joy’s comments:

Relationship Intelligence and Law Firms. The Hildebrandt TechGroup, a division of law office management consultancy, Hildebrandt International, published a white paper entitled: <A href=”http://www.hildebrandt.com/TechGroup/pub_techgroup?&id1=963”>Relationship Intelligence in a Competitive Market.

With information provided by Interface Software, the white paper is an excellent law firm CRM primer. The white paper also describes “The Partnership’s Dilemma:”

“The nature of the dilemma is that profit squeezes are hindering investments in a new business model that incorporates new programs such as practice management, knowledge management and client relationship management. The new programs require new staff and new systems—just at a time when firms are compelled to spend more on these line items just to maintain their current capabilities. At the same time, many firms are also experiencing downward pricing pressure … “ [ excited utterances]

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