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If you’re in the tech business (whether you sell into it, work in it, or represent it) and you haven’t read Crossing the Chasm, stop reading right now and buy a copy. It’s one of the books that really defines the space – so much so that Geoffrey Moore (the author) created a consulting group based on the book’s themes (The Chasm Group). In short, the “chasm” is the space between the early adopters and market saturation – and Moore identifies trends not previously understood about how organizations can identify and cross the chasm so that their company can accelerate its growth. (His follow-up book talked about that rapid growth phase, Inside the Tornado.)

In any event, I got to attend a web conference Moore gave last week for Placeware customers. (Placeware is the web conferencing service I use to demo our software over the web and give web-based seminars to prospects and customers.) The focus of Moore’s presentation was the current economic climate and provided a detailed look at how to successfully sell technology solutions in that climate.

I won’t try to summarize his presentation. It’s remarkably lucid, very substantive, and well worth the hour or so it’ll take to watch it. Placeware has the archive available online – definitely check it out.

As a side note, Placeware should be commended for lining up such great webinars for their customers (and anyone else who happens to swing by their site). That commitment to improving their customers’ business – while demonstrating the value of their own product – is outstanding. And kudos to Moore – who could have simply used this as an opportunity to shill his new book and instead used it to share some great insights. (Granted, he mentioned the book –  but as an extension of what he covered in the hour presentation.) Based largely on some of the topics he covered, I’m already working on reshaping our own sales strategy for the next few months.

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