Aggregator’s back…

… the hard way. Many thanks to Will, Ron, and Joe who guided me to a number of resources for restoring my subscriptions in the news aggregator. Only problem was that Radio was particularly hungry yesterday – and not only did it eat my subscriptions file, but also managed to chew up the backup. Hmmm….

Lesson learned: regularly back up the mySubscriptions.opml file that tracks the RSS feeds you’re subscribed to. (It also appears that it’s a good idea to enable this preference in Radio so that it always saves a backup of your subscriptions in the “gems” folder.)

Remarkably, it didn’t take that long to do – most of the sites I monitor were already in the blogroll I maintain, so getting those back in was pretty simple. In the process, I saw a number of new sites I want to track – which is just another reminder that sometimes it’s a good idea to visit a writer’s blog instead of just relying on their RSS feed.

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