Adding navlinks to all Radio desktop pages

After adding the radio_navlinks outline to my desktop website, I realized that only solved part of the problem. The other was getting the same navigation options for all Radio pages – the Aggregator page, the preferences pages, etc. If you add the activeRoll to the #template.txt file, you’ll end up publishing it to the rest of the world.

That’s when it hit me – all of Radio’s “private” pages (i.e., the pages that only you as the user see, not what the rest of the world sees when reading your blog) are served up from the www/system folder. I copied the #template.txt file from the www folder into the www/system folder, and then modified the #template.txt file to add the activeRoll macro containing the radio_navlinks.opml file. Bingo.

This makes my own internal use of Radio far more effective.

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