Playing with liveTopics

Just downloaded liveTopics, an interesting extension of Radio that adds potentially valuable meta data to weblog posts. This is a tool developed by Matt Mower, and represents an important “next step” for Radio as a KM tool.

From Matt’s site:

Topics are used on your weblog to provide cross-reference links to related items and can also show what you are and have been talking about in your postings. Cross-referencing is further enhanced by the ability to publish a Table of Contents (ToC) for your weblog (note the ToC uses the excellent activeRenderer by Marc Barrot). The two-level ToC liveTopics creates shows all the topics used in your weblog. Under each topic is a chronological list of each posts associated with the topic. In turn, under each post is listed the other topics associated with that post. This is a powerful addition to your weblog and greatly enhances it’s navigability.

Here’s what I love. Marc Barrot builds activeRenderer, a great UI enhancement to Radio. Matt takes that and builds on it to extend the UI by creating new ways of navigating through weblog content and adding meta data to boot. I haven’t learned all the ins and outs yet, but I think this is big.

Stay tuned.

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