New Version of activeRenderer Available

Marc Barrot really impresses me. Not only has he developed an outstanding plug-in for Radio, he’s committed to his users. Over the past week I’ve sent him a handful of e-mails, and each time I’ve had a reply – most times within an hour.

Last week, I decided to try to make his activeRenderer tool work as a blogroll replacement. Remarkably, he’s now built it into the plug-in so you can render a blogroll using all the nifty user interface tweaks that make aR so nice. Benefits of the updated tool:

  • You can now keep links in separate outline files – and use your master blogroll file to “roll them up” into one. Example:

    • Blogroll contains five top-level entries, each one a link to a sub-section of the blogroll. (In mine, these would be KM, Law Blogs, Radio tips and tricks, etc.)
    • Each of these sub-sections is a separate outline file (in Radio, these are stored with the OPML extension).

  • You don’t need to embed the blogroll in an iframe – which avoids having to create a work-around that I did last week.

If you want to know how to do this, read Marc’s explanation here.

This looks like a great update. And Marc – I promise to read all the doc before e-mailing you again. 🙂

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