Meeting bloggers

John Robb reports on the difference of meeting someone through their blog:

… The difference with people that have weblogs is:

1) We don’t have to exchange business cards.  They know where I am located on the Internet.  I know where they are located on the Internet.   My personal weblog has spam-free e-mail, and a link to instant messaging.   There is a link to a bio page that provides some detail on who I am and what I have done.

2) By reading the weblog of the person I am about to meet with, I already know a lot about that person. Most importantly: I know how they think through reading their writings. There is probably no better way to supercharge a meeting than to read the weblog of the person you are about to meet with. It provides a strong basis of understanding necessary for high order interaction.

3) I can write up the results of the meeting on my weblog and share it with a wider audience.  That provides feedback to the person you met with and shares the insight developed in the meeting with a wider audience.

I really didn’t expect weblogs to change the way I met with people. This was a surprise. [John Robb’s Weblog]

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