KM for Lawyers – An Australian Perspective

KM for lawyers.
Lucinda Schmidt has written an article for BRW on Law’s new tools. This looks at the use of intranets in law firms, as well as the impact of knowledge management more broadly. To quote:

Knowledge management is not a new idea for law firms; they have used sophisticated precedents databases and libraries for years. What is new is the growing push for acceptance of knowledge management as an integral part of the way a law firm runs its business, rather than as an isolated administrative function.

And another good quote:
“It is not just about getting the document right or collecting all the information. That is under control. Now they realise there is so much more. It is fine to have really good precedents, but for proper knowledge management you need cultural change towards sharing ideas and knowledge.”

At the end of the article, there is also an interesting summary of a recent survey of 16 big law firms on their implementation of KM.
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