Google Renders Search Engines Obsolete

Chris Smith reports in:

KM – google mentality
You don’t even notice it happening. But one day your hooked. That single textbox with the silly name is an awesome primary source. It’s amazing how effective it is. When I’m looking for an coding answer I used to go to MSDN. But in the past year the fact that Google does a better job at indexing Microsoft’s site than Microsoft had become hilariously obvious. I love this. [How do you know that?]

Chris is right. I noticed the other day that when looking for a Hilton hotel in a city I’m traveling to, I no longer use Hilton’s web site. Too clunky – at least three screens before I get to the hotel. Without fail, I can just go to Google (or even better, use the toolbar) and type in Hilton (city name). Less than a second later, I have my answer.

Ask yourself this: how often is Google wrong?

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