Gnomedex Stream Now Available

Gnomedex is LIVE right now in Des Moines, Iowa – but thanks to the fine folks at PlayStream, we can bring you a real-time audio feed of the event (no matter where you live in the world)! Listen in Windows Media format live, with multiple archive formats available for download following the show, including QuickTime, MP3, MPEG, Shockwave Flash, and WMA.
The stream goes live at 11AM CST! To start listening to our presentations, sign up here.
It’s just $20 for the entire weekend of speeches, which includes all of the following: Steve Gibson from, Rob Rosenberger from, Leo Laporte from TechTV, Ed Ross & Terry Swiers from PC Talent, Beth Goza from Microsoft, Phil “Pud” Kaplan from F’ed Company, Mark Thompson from AnalogX, Evan Williams from, and Doc Searls of Cluetrain Manifesto fame. Not only can you listen to the LIVE stream right now, but you can download the audio to your hard drive when all is said and done. Again, all of this for just $20! Since you couldn’t come to our conference, we wanted to offer you the next best thing. You can support the event from the comfort of your own home (or office). Click here to start streaming the sounds coming from the Gnomedex floor! [Gnomedex e-mail]

This event sounds like a good one; might be some good presentations worth catching on the stream.

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