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Ray Ozzie (co-founder of Lotus Notes, and currently behind the promising Groove) has encouraged his employees to use weblogs for KM, knowledge sharing, and – let’s face it – PR. I’m behind him on all three counts. He asked Groove’s counsel to come up with a corporate policy on blogs for employees. The resulting policy is here; it’s well worth a read.

He asks:

Perhaps we can learn from one another: are there any other companies that have done similar things?  Can you provide links or stories?

My meeting with IT went well on Friday. I think we’re going to do a pilot in-house with a half-dozen to a dozen people. I’m helping IT set up the Radio Community Server and the individuals who we will hand-pick – we’re going to pair the launch of the k-log with th re-launch of the Intranet. The IT guy behind the Intranet was intrigued by the notion of letting everyone in the company contribute. From his perspective, it just meant that the “editors” would have to do less work.

Though I hadn’t thought of it, that’s as compelling a reason to look into corporate blogs as any. And Groove’s policy should help give us some guidance about what we’ll tell our folks to do and avoid. If we come up with any twists on the concept, I’ll post them here.

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