Checking in from Boca Raton

Just got in to Boca Raton, site of this year’s LawNet Annual Conference. It’s probably the most valuable IT conference focused exclusively on the legal profession: strong educational bent, every vendor that’s focused on the market is here, high attendance.

I’m speaking tomorrow at our SIG (LawNet members organize “special interest groups” around leading applications; there is a SIG devoted to InterAction) and then again on Thursday. Thursday’s topic is “Don’t Touch My Data: Getting Professionals to Buy Into CRM Systems.” Given that the audience is largely IT directors, I’ll be interested to see what the interest level is in a session that’s primarily focused on the “soft” issues related to long-term success (people, process, culture) and not the “hard issues” (technology, implementation, architecture).

Posts may be light over the next few days; these conferences tend to be 24×7 affairs.

For those of you that are wondering: yes, Boca is about the worst place to hold a conference in August. It was 88 degrees when we landed. At 11:30pm. (That this is marginally better than last year’s location – Palm Springs – is small consolation.)

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