Treo 300 details at FCC

I’m in the hunt for a new cell phone, and will likely pick up the Treo 270. I like the idea that I can finally ditch my Palm and cell phone and carry just one device around… and the prospect of getting at least the important e-mails routed to the device is pretty tantalizing.

But as I was poking around, trying to figure out if there are new Treos coming out soon, I stumbled onto this apparently confidential info posted a little over a week ago. It’s about the Treo 300, which is going to be CMDA version of the Treo phone offered by Sprint. I’m going to stick with the 270 – which is a GSM phone, meaning I’ll be able to use it whenver I’m in London (I’ve been four times this year, and it drives me nuts to not have access to a phone when I’m there). (You can also see the full docs at the FCC site here.)

Anyone know anything else about upcoming Treo plans? I’m not going to be obsolete in a few weeks, right?

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