TrackBack Update: Here comes Radio

There are several things about the weblog world that I like. Chief among them is that there is so much development across different (and competitive) applications. Radio Userland supports the Blogger API (meaning that you can post to a Blogger weblog from Radio). And now Blogger users can create RSS feeds, an endorsement of a standard developed by none other than Dave Winer, founder of Userland.

And now comes word that a Movable Type user (yet a third weblog application) has built a proof-of-concept integration between Radio and Movable Type – so that Radio users can use the TrackBack feature I talked about a couple days ago. It doesn’t seem completely baked yet (unless I’m missing something) – I think it requires the user to have both Radio and MT installed on the same machine. But the fact that such an integration is possible is a further testament to the open nature of the weblog community – and an indication that future enhancements will benefit all weblog users regardless of which application they’ve chosen.

(Can you imagine the OS world working the same way? sigh)

I’m eager to see someone close the loop on this – because, despite Ernie’s embarassing claims to the contrary, I’m not too good when it comes to the programming stuff. But I’m good at borrowing. 🙂

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