The Mother of all Law Blog Lists

My New Law Blog Roll – I’m going to maintain a master list of law blogs in the outliner format.  It’s easier to maintain and to annotate.  Check this out.  I have added some commentary about most of the law blogs.  If you aren’t listed E-mail me and complain and I’ll be happy to add a blurb (I ran out of steam a few minutes ago, so this will be a continuing weekend project).  If you have a blurb but are unhappy with it let me know what I left out.  One thing I would like to list for everyone is what City and State they are in. [Ernie the Attorney]

Kudos to Ernie for keeping such an exhaustive list of law blogs. I lost control of mine, and am now editing it down just to those sites that I read frequently. Six months ago, there were about a dozen of us (that we knew of) – now here we are and I count close to 60 blogs in Ernie’s list. Whoa.

(Ernie: I’m in Naperville, Illinois.)


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