The Blogroll Works

Played with activeRenderer last night to make the blogroll behave. Check out the results – I’m pretty happy with the end result. (If you’re reading this in a news aggregator, just visit the home page. If you aren’t sure what a news aggregator is, it’s safe to assume you’re reading this on the web site itself. Look over there. No, there. See where it says “Worthwhile links?” That’s what I’m talking about.)

I documented the steps necessary to make this work – keep in mind that this requires a bit of extra effort. This wasn’t really an intended implementation of activeRenderer, but Marc Barrot (the tool’s author) was intrigued enough to say that he’s going to look at making it easier down the road. No promises (by him, that is), but the fact that it does this well out of the box is a good sign.

Those who are following this thread know that I was trying to make this work using Userland’s macros. Ultimately, I preferred activeRenderer’s more complete functionality – I have more control over the presentation. And the directoryFrame macro is dependent on some code running at Userland’s servers – which often dramatically slowed down page loads. Overall, I think this is a better answer.

Let me know what you think.

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