The benefits of K-Logs and Aggregation

Klogging, keeping good ideas afloat..
Curiouser! via Mike’s Radio Weblog:

Terry at Blunt Force Trauma writes on The Synchronicity of Klogging Culture. He highlights how klogging raises our awareness of new ideas by (1) giving us more than one chance to see them aka not letting them fall through the cracks, and (2) letting other people’s perspectives shed extra light on the same ideas.

[a klog apart]

This is so true. The number of times I’ve seen an item in my aggregator, only to see it appear two, three even four more times – each time with annotations from the new source – is growing. Not only does the reptition help ensure that I won’t miss things, it really does shed new light on important issues. This is why TrackBack will be so helpful – you can reconstruct these threads well after the fact to identify what other individuals said, when they said it, etc. Can’t wait to see it happen.

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