Radio as a Content Management App

Boldly Going Where No Law Firm Has Gone Before – I have been wrestling with the idea of making my law firm’s News & Events page of our website into a Radio Weblog.  The benefits are obvious (ease of posting, ability to add comments, XML feeds etc).  I mentioned this to Rick today in our brief phone conversation.  Rick said “oh, that’s easy…just give me 10 minutes.”  I’ll skip over the whole back and forth with tweaking etc.  Bottom line: look at this page, and compare it to the other one.  Uh, Houston … we’ve got liftoff. [Ernie the Attorney]

Yup, it was easy. And I like finding little wins like this. Give credit to the folks behind Radio – it was a simple tweak, an obvious extension of the platform they built. Once Ernie pulls the trigger (by using Radio’s “upstreaming” capabilities to upload the page to his firm’s web site, instead of his own weblog), he’ll be feeding news directly from his blog to his firm’s site. Nice. Let’s make sure that Ernie’s firm gets credit for being the first firm to use a weblogging system to power part of their public web site… this is definitely a sign of things to come.

By the way, this is what the bigshots like Vignette and Interwoven call a content management system. They’ll charge you six figures for the privilege of using their system. Radio costs $40.


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