More on blogs and business relationships

This is a timely companion to my earlier post today about blogs and business relationships:

Weblog as the interface to a person.

Time for people. Paolo Valdemarin: Time for people. “Time for anonymous companies is over, we have all had enough, it really looks like it’s time for people, time for weblogs.” [Jake’s Radio ‘Blog]

Also this comment by Paolo:

I have had a company web site for about the last 7 years, but I have never received much feedback from it. Since I have opened my blog I’m receiving lots of messages from people all over the world. This is happening because they perceive the weblog as the interface to a person, while the company site belongs to a faceless entity, even if for some of those 7 years, behind that company web site there was only one person: me. [emphasis added]

If you start connecting the dots between the weblogs and k-logs space with the recent books such as Free Agent Nation , Bobos in Paradise, and The Rise of the Creative Class you can see the acceleration of a fundamental shift in the relation between employer and employed.

Pay attention; it will affect you. [McGee’s Musings]

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