Law librarians can do more…

From today’s New York Law Journal:

“It seems clear, though, that the more involved law librarians are in the marketing process — such as by attending firm marketing meetings, joining the marketing committee and having a say in marketing decisions — the better the services will be that they can provide.”

While I don’t disagree with the author in the slightest (on the point that librarians can be very strategic to a firm), this really isn’t an article about librarians. The article is really about the need for quality data in a firm’s marketing campaigns – too many firms rely on half-baked research, or incomplete research, or no research at all when making decisions. Can librarians help in this regard? Unquestionably. But the marketing department shouldn’t be off the hook – they should be responsible for doing the market research, proposal generation, etc. Fortunately a number of firms are heading in this direction. But I fear some will look at this article and conclude that they just need to dump something else on the librarians’ plate.

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