John Robb: CEOs who ‘get’ technology

I have been listening to the books on tape set of Peter Drucker (Management challenges of the 21st Century).  He’s absolutely brilliant and a must read/listen if you want to get real perspective on business issues.  He posited an interesting thought:  technology kingpins like Gates and Ellison are destined for the scrap heap as the technology they represent becomes commoditized and fades into the background.  The new kingpins:  those CEOs that apply the new technology better than their competitors.  His example of a similar process of evolution was the barons of the printing press.  I agree to an extent.  The difference is that technologies are moving quickly to combine ( combinatorial technology is a huge opportunity space) and there are more than a few exponential acceleration curves at work in info-tech.  [John Robb’s Radio Weblog]

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