InternetWeek: Putting the Relationship Back in CRM

Good article by Rich Karpinski in InternetWeek that about what we’re all about at Interface Software. Most exciting for me is the validation from one of our customers, Cynthia Reaves at Honigman Miller in Detroit. I met Cynthia a couple weeks ago, and sat in stunned silence (for those that have met me, you know that silence and I don’t hang out together all that often) as she gave one of the best user-focused demos of our software I’ve ever seen. It was one of the most gratifying experiences I’ve had since I joined the company – a real-life translation of our positioning to how one user derives tremendous benefit from the software.

What makes Cynthia successful – indeed, what any professional needs for the technology to help – is her focus on the end goal. Rather than get bogged down in the user interface or a feature/function comparison, she recognizes that her goal is to deliver superior client service and make more money. With that in mind, she looks to shape the software to her needs – not the other way around. Cynthia’s not a techie by a long shot – but that didn’t keep her from figuring out how to make InterAction do her bidding. She gets it:

Through experience, Reaves has learned that new business in her profession doesn’t come easily. It’s an accepted wisdom that “clients typically don’t respond until the sixth touch,” she said. “It takes that long to get something billable and a return on your investment. A lot of law firms way away from opportunities to generate additional revenue from existing clients.”


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