EFF Needs a WP guru

“The EFF Legal Team is seeking a volunteer legal secretary or other advanced Microsoft Word user to give us an in-house training. We’re hoping someone can help us better use styles, templates, captions, line numbering, tables of contents, tables of authorities, footnotes and other features of Word that are regularly used in litigation.  Alternately, we’d love someone who can introduce us to (and teach us to use) an open source tool that can easily handle all of these while at the same time seamlessly interoperating with the many volunteer lawfirms with whom we work, all of whom use Microsoft Word or Wordperfect.”  If you can help, please contact Henry Schwan

The EFF is a great organization that works tirelessly to protect our cyber-rights, so if you can help in any way, or know of someone who is willing and able to help, please let them know about the EFF’s need for help in this area.  Thanks. [Ernie the Attorney]

Let me second that emotion. I was a volunteer law clerk for the EFF back in 1994 when we were working on the Bernstein case (great case about the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), the US State Department’s export control laws concerning, among other things, encryption), and my former boss – Shari Steele – is now the Executive Director. If you know of anyone in the Bay Area who can help, please forward them this info. You’ll feel good.

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